BEAUTY IN HELL: Beauty over Drama

“BEAUTY IN HELL – Beauty over Drama” is an award winning, independent reportage and a personal long-term photographic project. The main objective is to find and document the beauty present in some of the most difficult, poverty stricken and dangerous realities around the world. In this particular case two of the largest slums in Nairobi: Mathare and Kibera (plus some photos in refugee camps and missions around Kenya). (Full story after the photos)


“Beauty In Hell: Beauty over Drama” is a critical and personal artistic response to an increased awareness of living in a system that uses drama everywhere. I believe we are now unconsciously accustomed to consider an event interesting and noteworthy only if it contains some form of strong contrast, therefore if it is dramatic. Without drama there is no news and everything becomes boring, dull and not worth of our time. In simple terms we tend to use drama to make sensationalism. But Drama is just one part of the story… if drama becomes the only thing mainstream media covers and the only thing we hold up, what can we expect to grow from it?
With “Beauty In Hell” I am trying to express, through artistic sensibility and not sensationalism, exactly the opposite and show that also within these extremely hard situations beauty is always present… that the beauty inside the human spirit is present everywhere, even in places that might be described as real life circles of Dante’s Inferno.

Yes, the main objective remains that of informing the public and bringing awareness of the desperate conditions, of the extremely poor level of life and of the nearly complete absence of human dignity, but I would like to do this in a slightly different way… by also showing the beauty inside these situations and not just the drama.


Clearly any form of beauty in these places is not an easy thing to find. First of all we need to feel it inside ourselves, so that we will first be able to see it and then find a way to make people willing to show it. It can be seen in the eyes of the locals, in their daily activities, in the smiles with which they welcome you, but also in the rage and aggressiveness with which they approach you… in a few words in the spontaneity, simplicity and lack of malice with which they act. Beauty is clearly visible in the sense of community and sharing that these people have and our society has nearly lost or perhaps has simply forgotten.




Tony Corocher Photography Awards
Tony Corocher Photography Awards
Tony Corocher Photography Awards
Tony Corocher Photography Awards
Tony Corocher Photography Awards
Tony Corocher Photography Awards
Tony Corocher Photography Awards
Tony Corocher Photography Awards
Tony Corocher Photography Awards - PX3


2013      Venice Biennale 2013– Solo Exhibition | Bangladesh Pavillion.
2013      Espace Beaurepaire, Paris
– Group Exhibition: 40 winning images from the Px3 | Prix De La Photographie (Paris) Annual Curators Challenge.
2013      Palazzo Cusani
– Milan Solo Exhibition.
2014      Fondazione Ghisla Art Collection (Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art), Locarno (Switzerland) –
Solo Exhibition “Beauty In Hell”.
2014      Rooftop Gallery (in collaboration with Le Flux Asia) – Group Exhibition.
2014      Arles Photo Festival (Le Magasin de Jouets Galerie) – Group Exhibition as Px3 (Paris) First Prize Winner
2015      Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival (France Cultural Center) – Group Exhibition.
2015      Poltu Quatu Resort – Solo Exhibition – Poltu Quatu Resort, Costa Smeralda, Sardinina, Italy.
2016      MILAN PHOTO FESTIVAL | “PERIFERIE: Immagini e Parole” – Group Exhibition with 3 photos.



Tony Corocher, Tifa, Tokyo International Photography Awards

The book “BEAUTY IN HELL” received an Honorable Mention in the Book-Documentary (Pro Category) at the Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA). Another fantastic result from a project very dear to me.