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A great honor… I’ve been invited to join the New LensCulture International Network of selected photographers.

Most pleased to have been invited by the editors of LensCulture, one of the most influential contemporary photography magazines and networks worldwide, to join their new Selective Network of International Photographers, giving me a fantastic opportunity to show my work to a global audience, to galleries, to editors and to other networks from a higher standpoint.

The world of contemporary photography (photo journalism and documentary especially) has become incredibly competitive and today it is very, very hard to stand out and make a living… but you know, people say stubbornness and passion are very hard to overcome…


LensCulture, Tony Corocher,

I’d like to personally thank the LensCulture team for what they have done so far for photography and emerging photographers like me around the world; thank you for advancing the understanding of a still new and amazing language; thank you for what you for helping, giving opportunities and not discriminating; thank you for been a serious and very professional network…

I will do my best to make sure my future work will be worth of this invitation.

LensCulture Magnum


LensCulture Magnum: This year LensCulture has joined forces with none other than Magnum!!! I am thrilled to be included among the “SUCCESS STORIES” on the LensCulture page that promotes this even and be part of such a display of international photographic talent.

Thank you Lens Culture for a great opportunity!!!

Quest’anno Lens Culture ha unito le forze con niente meno che Magnum! ed insieme hanno creato uno dei più importanti concorsi fotografici dell’anno:

E’ un grandissimo onore essere stato inserito nella sezione “STORIE DI SUCCESSO” sulla pagina del concorso e essere incluso in questa selezione di fotografi di talento… spero di esserne degno anche in futuro!
Un grande grazie a Lens Culture per l’opportunità!


LensCulture Magnum

LensCulture Magnum


LensCulture Magnum